What-is-Trigger-Point-Therapy-Future-Proof-MovementHave you ever woken up in the morning with a stiff neck? Or started to feel some tightness and pain on the outside of your leg after taking up running? These concentrated areas of pain, or trigger points, can be your muscles reacting to your physical activity in a painful way.

What is a trigger point?

Your body contains layers of muscle and connective tissue. With repeated stress, sometimes from physical activity, the muscles and connective tissue can form knots that cause tightness and pain in a specific area. These knots form irritated areas known as “trigger points” that are painful when you press on them. Trigger points can also cause referred pain or muscle twitches and spasms in parts of your body not connected to where the knot has formed.

How are trigger points formed?

Rather than the result of a sudden traumatic injury, trigger points usually form because of overuse. For example, a repetitive movement like swinging a tennis racket or using a computer mouse can create a trigger point. Whether the cause is from being physically active or from a common daily movement, the result can be pain, limited range of motion, or weakness.

What is trigger point therapy?

Trigger point therapy targets the tights areas of muscles that have formed the painful knots. Massage is one trigger point therapy that alleviates pain in the body through focused areas of pressure and release. Working on trigger points should not be painful; you might experience some discomfort as a trigger point is worked out, but it shouldn’t cause you to hold your breath or grit your teeth.

Future Proof Movement’s bodywork specialists aim to get you amazing results that integrate with your fitness routine or recovery treatment. We will work with you to relieve trigger points and also determine how you can prevent the pain from returning. To learn more about trigger point therapy and how it can help you, contact us today.