Sports-Massage-Not-Just-for-Elite-Athletes-Future-Proof-MovementEven though the name sounds like sports massage is only for competitive athletes, it’s not. Sports massage is not just for elite athletes; it is a type of massage designed for any active person.

We all need to move and stay active (and injury free). And, a sports massage can help you recover from workouts, prevent injury, reduce pain in the muscles, increase mobility, and help you to relax.

Recovery & Injury Prevention

Sports massage can help with your recovery after a workout, recovery from an old injury, and potentially prevent an injury in the future. Your body may have a history when it comes to performing the same action over and over for an extended period (ex. running). The way we compensate for a repetitive movement can set off a chain reaction that ultimately results in injury. Massage can address not only the chain reaction but also help with cutting off the source of the injury.

Pain Reduction & Mobility

Chronically tight muscles don’t have a lot of mobility. Sports massage can help you regain some of that movement which can help. In addition, an increase in mobility can help with reducing pain in the same area. Massage can promote proper healing and have a positive effect on areas where you tend to experience pain.


Making an effort to set aside time to recover well and increase your mobility is great for your body. A massage can also be a time for you to relax not only your body but also your mind by reducing some stress and anxiety. Even after a single session, you’ll feel more relaxed. You’ll also experience a clearer mind which can help you feel more invigorated and focused.

Future Proof Movement’s massage therapy service can help you move better and progress faster. Restore your body and get better recovery from your fitness routine. We will get you amazing results, so book an appointment today or contact us to learn more.