The old fitness model is dead, and the time has come to awaken your true power. Our fitness pros and manual therapists combine their expertise to get you FASTER, SAFER RESULTS, that last! With a strong foundation in joint mobility, spinal stability, and sports rehab, your fitness will soar to a new level of ENERGY and VITALITY. FutureProof your body!


Do you want to move well until the day your heart stops? MOVEMENT is the medicine our bodies need to fight aging and disease. Don’t let injuries keep you from living life to the fullest. Our pro trainers and therapists will ensure you become more RESILIENT and ADAPTABLE. We will help you get from injury to OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE so you can do more of what you love. FutureProof your passions!

What's SMARTER than Personal Training?

Training with a TEAM! FutureProof Movement is a collective of fitness professionals and massage therapists that work together to get you safer, smarter results that last. We will ensure you get the proper REHAB, MOBILITY, FITNESS, and PERFORMANCE training your body and mind need to be Future Proof!


No memberships. Just results. Book FREE movement assessment to get started.

Personal Training

– Reduce risk of injury
– Accountability and motivation
– Creativity and variety

Get the most results out of every workout. Work 1-on-1 or in a small group with an expert fitness professional by your side. We carefully select exercises that are designed around your body and your goals. You will get the best instruction in a dedicated training space from top level trainers and mobility specialists.

PRIVATE Price range $74-$89

SMALL GROUP Price Range $30-$40

Manual Therapy

– Relieve pain
– Improve movement
– Increase recovery

Certified Rolfing™ and hands-on bodywork delivered with care, but it’s not a day at the spa! If you are seeking a body that functions better, then we can help. You will have less pain, greater range of motion, and better movement in the hands of our therapists.

Price range $45-$129

Schedule a free assessment with our FRC® Mobility Specialists

Mobility Assessment

Start moving better right away. Healthy movement is medicine.

Program Design

Get on the right track, and start seeing results.

Customized Workout

Everything you need; nothing you don’t.

Nutrition Coaching

Meal planning made simple.

Virtual Training

Support no matter where you go.

Business Solutions

Increase productivity and engagement at work.


ERIK GUTIERREZ - Future Proof Movement


Co-Founder / Personal Trainer

Erik is an FRC® Mobility Specialist, NASM® Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement Specialist, and a 450hr Blissology® Yoga teacher.

Jesse Hermreck - Future Proof Movement

Jesse Hermreck

Co-Founder / Personal Trainer

Jesse creates results for his clients using smart movements, motivations, and strategies….

Casey Maass - Future Proof Movement

Casey Maass

Personal Trainer

Casey came to Colorado from Seattle Washington to enjoy the mountains, Boulder’s love of fitness, health, and kombucha…

Dulcinea Tincher

Dulcinea Tincher

Personal Trainer

Dulcineas’ training style combines the power and strength of weightlifting along with the grace and mindfulness of yoga….

Mike Terborg - Future Proof Movement

Mike Terborg

Personal Trainer

Mike has been working in the Fitness, Performance and Rehab space for over fifteen years…

ABBY MAROKO - Future Proof Movement


Personal Trainer

Hailing from Detroit, MI after trekking across Southeast Asia to teach yoga and meditation, Abby came to Boulder to blaze her own trail in the health and fitness industry…

TAYLOR GORDON - Future Proof Movement


Personal Trainer

Taylor holds a BS in Integrative Physiology and is certified in Strength and Conditioning (CSCS). With a varied sports…..

Yevgeniy Fedorov

Yevgeniy Fedorov

Personal Trainer

Being born and raised in Minsk, Belarus, Yevgeniy grew up training in The Soviet School Of Gymnastics and Ice Hockey.


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