“I’ve been exercising at Future Proof movement for about a year and the experience and results are nothing short of transformational. I learned that they also offer a corporate program and I own a small business so I decided to have them come to my business. The results and the journey have been fantastic. It’s been really valuable to engage my staff in very specific movements that support them in what they do every day. I think that of all the benefits I offer, though all still important, this is the one I’m most proud to offer. The regular engagement in taking care of yourself is a living, breathing benefit and the one benefit truly shows my support for my staff both in and out of the workplace. All that and offered at a price that I think is a real deal!”
– Paul Morrison

“I was really weak when I came to Future Proof Movement. After two years of an autoimmune disease that wrecked my muscles, I could barely lift my thigh toward my chest or get my arm directly overhead. I’d seen several therapists and many healthcare providers but I stopped searching when I met Erik! To see me a year ago compared to seeing me now, is unbelievable. I am strong with mobile joints. My balance is improving weekly and my cardiovascular endurance is remarkable. I never thought I’d feel this good again. Actually, with Erik as my trainer, I feel better than I’ve ever felt.I’ve always been active; dancer, Pilates, weight lifting, gym memberships and a healthy diet but I needed more now. I needed to be rescued. Erik and Future Proof’s approach to total body health, has turned my life into an exciting journey I eagerly face every day. Erik also utilizes his skill and training in massage and trigger point therapy to alleviate discomfort and improve my response to good, hard workouts. FPM is the real thing. Erik and the other coaches are smart, compassionate and dedicated to their state of the art approach to living a strong, balanced and mobile life.”
– Andrea Montoya

“I have been coming to Future Proof Movement since it’s inception and I have to say what an extraordinary experience it is to work out at this facility. The trainers are lifelong devotees of fitness and it is truly their passion. They are continually improving and staying up to date with the most relevant and current information. When training with them, they are extremely focused on the precision of the movement. They will make adjustments as needed throughout the workout, thus eliminating potential injuries and increasing performance. They will listen to your needs and wants and will put together a specific individual program that delivers. They will also adjust the program as needed when desired and incorporate multitudes of disciplines.

I was an exercise consultant and trainer in my early 20’s and have worked out on my own consistently for almost 40 years. I have never been in as good of condition as I am currently and I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Erik and Jessie. They are both very warm and kind and their expertise is phenomenal. I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to improve their fitness needs and see results to work out at Future Proof Movement.”
– Catherine Clark

“Increasing my training load in preparation for a triathlon threw my body out of wack. My physical structure didn’t seem to be happy with how much exercise I was asking it to do. I experienced many nagging pains that began to interfere with my ability to train. Working with Abby has alleviated that interference and has allowed me to ramp up my training to a level that I’ve never reached before. Abby helped teach my body proper movement patterns. At times, it felt as if the mobility training sessions were awakening dormant muscles in my body. Certain movements began to feel more effortless as my body became more biomechanically efficient.”
– Tom Heinbockel

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