Strength-Training-Reasons-Future-Proof-MovementA well-rounded health and fitness program includes a few different components: endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, and balance. For now, let’s take a closer look at strength training.

If you’re picturing bodybuilders when you see the word “strength training” then let’s back up a little bit. Weight-bearing movements where you use free weights or your bodyweight qualify as strength training. It can be as simple as squats and push-ups, no bodybuilding needed.

The American Heart Association recommends strength training at least two days a week. And here are a few reasons why you should be strength training:

1. Muscle Mass

Your body’s resting metabolic rate is faster when you have more muscle mass. So, the more muscle you have, the greater potential you have to burn more calories throughout the day. As adults get older, muscle mass begins to decrease. While you can’t prevent this process, strength training can help you to keep (sometimes increase) the muscle mass you do have.

2. Bone Density

Weight-bearing strength training has a positive impact on your bone density. Maintaining your bone density is important because later on in your life, it also starts to decrease. Higher bone density puts you at less risk for bone fractures.

3. Flexibility & Balance

Flexibility may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to strength training. However, strength training can help with joint flexibility. Working through a joint’s full range of motion can lead to more mobility. Strength training can also improve your balance. Better balance results in a decreased chance of getting injured or falling.

4. Confidence

Strength training has the power to boost your self-confidence. When you begin a strength program, you establish a baseline. And over time, you begin to improve. You can feel this improvement physically and mentally. Knowing that you’re capable of doing more than you first started increases your confidence.

5. Quality of Life

One of the benefits of strength training is that it makes your everyday activities easier. Not only are you doing something good for your health, but you’re also improving the quality of your life. The little things like carrying groceries up the stairs, bending over to pick up your kids, or heading out for a hike with a friend all seem more manageable.

If you want to start or get back into strength training, but you’re not sure how to proceed, Future Proof Movement in Boulder can help. We’ll get you started with a program and movements that suit your current level of fitness. To learn more, contact us today.