At Future Proof Movement, we want to create a safe, effective fitness program for you. No matter what your fitness goals are, we can help you prevent and overcome pain or injury.

In our integrative approach to training, we include both functional movements and corrective exercises. Incorporating these types of exercises will not only address past and current injuries, but they will also assist in making sure that your muscles and joints are working well together.

Our team of professionals uses corrective exercises to identify problem areas you may have in how you move. Identifying your movement strengths and weaknesses is helpful; over time, one small, incorrect movement can turn into chronic pain or injury.

What are the Benefits of Corrective Exercise?

Integrating-Corrective-Exercise-into-Your-Training-Plan-Future-Proof-MovementCorrective exercises have a lot of benefits when incorporated into a fitness or performance training plan.

  • Reduce pain
  • Improve performance
  • Improve posture
  • Decrease injury risk
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve daily life

Who Should Incorporate Corrective Exercises?

Corrective exercises really can benefit anyone. From weekend warriors to professional athletes, beginner to experienced exercisers – all can experience benefits from corrective exercise. No matter how you spend your day, you may be overusing or neglecting a small muscle group that has the potential to cause more significant problems in the future.

If you typically use your workout time performing more “traditional” exercises and movements, then you may be more hesitant to include corrective exercises into your workouts. However, incorporating corrective exercises into your training program may help you reach your fitness goals faster. If you can move more efficiently and with less pain, then you will have a more effective workout and be well on your way to getting results you’re after.

Future Proof Movement in Boulder can help you find the balance you need to succeed. To learn more about our integrated services, contact us today.