Get-Past-a-Fitness-Rut-Future-Proof-MovementIf you stick to the same workout routine, eventually the lack of variety can hinder your progress.

Here are three tips to help you get past a fitness rut:

1. Mix Things Up

Establishing a consistent workout routine is great! However, that tried and true routine can eventually become monotonous. So what do you do when your motivation begins to fade?

To keep your workout habit exciting and fun, find ways to mix things up. If you always go to the same class at the same time, try a new class at a new time. And if your gym offers a variety of programs, try out something that you’ve never done before. Any way you can add variety to your workout can help you get out of a rut.

2. Set Clear Goals

If it’s been a while since you revisited your fitness goals, take some time to reassess how you’re doing. If you’re in a rut, you probably feel like you’re not making any progress. Or, you may have lost sight of what you’re even getting out of the workouts you’ve been doing.

Goals give you something to work toward. And a SMART goal that is clearly defined gives you a way to measure your progress. Instead of showing up and going through the motions, direct your focus toward something that you’ll feel proud of accomplishing.

3. Challenge Yourself

Your workouts can challenge you in different ways. If it’s been a while since you’ve felt challenged at the gym, then it might be time to think of a way that you could step it up. Is there a movement that you’ve been struggling with? Now is the time to master it. Do you feel like your intensity has dropped off over the past several weeks? Time to bring it back.

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