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Are you tired of feeling less than your best? Is pain, injury, or uncertainty keeping you from achieving your health and fitness goals? Future Proof Movement is a unique gym in Boulder where fitness professionals, massage therapists, biofeedback specialists, and physiotherapists work together to get you the results you need. Our team of professionals has decades of combined experience with many success stories under our belts. Whatever it is that you are passionate about, we will guide you through the obstacles to find the fastest, safest way to your goals.

What do you want to be great at? At FPM we remove the uncertainty of training by creating customized, integrated programs that empower you to move and perform like your are capable of anything. Our methods involve a combination of injury rehabilitation, joint mobility, functional fitness, and sports performance. You train with a professional team that is experienced and skilled enough to give you both a smart, challenging workout and a restorative, healing treatment.

Our red and blue rings represent the two main ways we integrate our services into a custom program for you. The red ring represents the more active types of training that increase your strength and durability. While the blue ring represents the more healing types of training that improve recovery and release pain. Where the rings intersect is the “zone of optimal performance”, and it is our mission to help you integrate the red and the blue to achieve your greatness and future proof your life.

Future Proof Movement is for every fitness level, every age, and every body. There are no membership fees, and no waiting for equipment. We created a dedicated training space for you to get 100% attention from your trainer or therapist. Our team knows how to create safe, effective programs that will get you feeling and moving like you are unstoppable. When you train at Future Proof Movement you get a team that is dedicated to your success. Are you ready to transform your life through training?

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Jesse Hermreck
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Erin Solveig

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