Power pose like you mean it.

TRAINER TUESDAY: Foundational Position

The foundational position is your thru line for all postures, in and outside of the gym. It will allow you to main balance by recruiting your stabilizing muscles and create a constant burn in your whole body.

I encourage my clients to practice this tension-loving stance as much as possible for biomechanical readiness for movement, as well as these extra benefits:
💪🏻You will create a slightly elevated metabolic rate by doing so. 💪🏻In doing this micro-bout of exercise, you’ll get a quick rush of endorphins and thus a brighter perspective. 💪🏻It is a Power Pose. Standing upright not only exudes confidence to your crowd, it also signals to your brain that you are in a position of power.
In the gym, take this stance before each lift. Outside of the gym, opportunities in disguise: while standing in line at the grocery store or bank, while delivering a presentation, or just while watching a football game. Immediate power. It’s like pressing a button to go into Super Hero Mode.
Here are the steps for the Foundational Position:
1️⃣Plant your feet firmly at slightly more than shoulder width
2️⃣Stand up nice and tall like a tree (a Colorado Aspen if I may select)
3️⃣Spread the floor with your feet” (thru outer edges of your feet…should feel glutes engage)
4️⃣Squeeze your buns, tilt your pelvis forward/tailbone under, and pull your low belly into towards your spine
5️⃣Create a hard core by squeezing your abs while exhaling powerfully
6️⃣Puff your chest out and reach your arms along side your body, squeezing your lats and tris and pressing your shoulders down and away from your ears
7️⃣Roll your rib cage down (no rib cage flare!)
8️⃣Extend up through the crown of your head (like someone is pulling on a string)

From this position, you are ready to bust your move, whatever that move may be.
Tonight, it was Kettlebell swings–first step, unlock the hips, and a lot more.
For the full circuit of moves, check out my full IG @abbymarokopersontrainer.

Interested in doing moves like this swing? Contact the Co-Op and schedule your first session for free.
Now go get your burn on! [brought to by Abby, BFC TRAINER]

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