TAYLOR GORDON - Future Proof Movement


Personal Trainer


Taylor holds a BS in Integrative Physiology and is certified in Strength and Conditioning (CSCS). With a varied sports background, she brings you a varied workout, with focus on body movement and building strength for all areas of life. Constantly looking for new methods and research, Taylor finds new ways to bring play into workouts to help you achieve your very best self.


A healthy lifestyle is a lot more than a time or two in the gym, so it is important for me to make it fun, varied, sustainable, and relatable all while seeing the progress that keeps you coming back for more. I value an integrative approach to wellness and challenge my clients to leave with a holistic sense of improvements in their life. Sports are my passion and I bring some of the game into every session.


Team fitness, sports performance, strength and conditioning, and movement.


Reading a good book90%
Wearing Birkenstocks in winter87%
Wearing matching socks2%

Contact Info

Email : taylor@futureproofmovement.com