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Jesse Hermreck

Co-Founder / Personal Trainer


Jesse creates results for his clients using smart movements, motivations, and strategies. Raised in rural Kansas by a Sheriff and an Artist, accountability and creativity have heavily contributed to Jesse’s success in the fitness industry where outside of his service in the U.S. Military, he has spent his entire professional career (over 15 years). Jesse believes in observation and listening, which he uses effectively to lead clients to their goals. His efforts are instrumental in the formation and direction of Boulder Fitness Co-op as an Integrated Fitness solution to its clients.

Training Philosophy: “Moving well, often, and for a long time is essential in the pursuit of my passions; playing with my boys and being connected to the natural world…it also keeps me looking good for my better half!”

Focus: Alpine and Multi-Sport Performance, CNS development, Movement Patterns, Heartrate Variability Training, Tissue/Fascia Quality, Prehab


Splitting Firewood by hand78%
Moving Vertically on Rock59%
Social Media Savviness10%

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