Certified Rolfer™ / Bodyworker


Movement, education, body-mind relation. These are the things Hanja is fascinated by. Born in the west of the Czech Republic, she came to the US to study Rolfing®. She chose it over the world-class Czech physio therapy as she felt that Rolfing was still a more holistic approach through which clients move and feel better.

Hanja has a passion in assisting her clients to find more ease in their movement, learn some ways to sustain the changes induced during sessions and be empowered by the new options for movement and self-expression.
Before becoming a Rolfer™, Hanja had two small businesses in Prague. One focused on providing bodywork treatment and exercise coaching. The other one was in providing language classes, translation and interpreting in Prague.

She had studied Adult Education at Charles University in Prague where she earned a MA degree in 2003. She researched stress, its impact on human body and mind and how Jungian psychology can guide people in realizing their truth self. Dr. Rolf once described her work as “helping people become who they really are”. This aspect has been of great interest of Hanja in her study of body-mind relationship. Hanja also appreciates this modality for its ability to effectively address limited ROM or lack of movement, increase posture and movement awareness, assist dealing with pre and post-surgical conditions related to musculoskeletal injuries, changes in the soft tissue due to overuse and many others. It is not about one condition or the other. The body always responds as a whole and so Rolfer`s focus is always the whole person. It is truly an amazing process.

Apart from having her nose dived in books related to functional movement, or attending a bodywork class, Hanja loves being active and gratefully enjoys Colorado`s rich palette of outdoor activities. She is also interested in indigenous cultures, their traditions and spirituality. She loves travelling and hopes to be able to come back to the Ladakh`s monastery of Tikse where she spent three months as a volunteer teacher in 2005.

Training Philosophy: “We all have a mission, a purpose we come with into this world. It could be a thrilling road less travelled of self- discovery. It is an absolute honor to witness it surfacing and being realized in fellow humans.”

Focus: Rolfing Structural Integration, Soft tissue manipulation techniques, Taping and kinesiology taping, Synergistic Reflexive Therapy of Mudr. Pfaffenrot, SM system of Spinal rehabilitation of Mudr. Smíšek


Daring into the unknown90%
Passion for movement90%
Integrating humour in everything 24/7 100%
Undisputably following personal training instructions5%

Contact Info

Phone : (858)-952-2607
Email : getfit@futureproofmovement.com.com