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Co-Founder / Personal Trainer


Erik is an FRC® Mobility Specialist, NASM® Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement Specialist, and a 450hr Blissology® Yoga teacher. He moved to Boulder from Hawaii, where he was owner of Updog Yoga Gym, and has been personal training and teaching yoga for 13 years.  Erik excels at personal training because he is devoutly committed to his clients, and he understands the unique balance they need to succeed.  He understands how to rehabilitate and prevent injury, while also improving general fitness and sport specific skills.  He designs workouts that get his clients to their goal, while having fun, learning about their body, and improving overall function and wellbeing.  His clients will tell you that he is knowledgeable, creative,  and engaging.  Your body, your mind, and your movement will all change while training with him.  Youʼll see Erik and his clients laugh a lot, but donʼt let that fool you. Every workout with Erik is just the right amount of challenge to make you a better human, and take you one step closer to your goals!  

Training Philosophy: “I want to hike with my dog, play drums, and explore new places with my loved ones ʼtil Iʼm 120 years old! To me, pain-free movement is freedom to pursue my passions in life for as long as I can. My commitment to fitness makes me more resilient and adaptable to stress, puts me in a better mood, and helps me sleep like a champ.”

Focus: Functional, Mobility, Lean Strength, Sport Performance, Yoga, Plant-based Nutrition


Body Art92%
Hand & Kit Drumming73%
Yoga Ninja Warrior66%
Aquarium Enthusiast49%

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