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Mike Terborg

FRC® Mobility Specialist / Functional Range Assessment®


Mike has been working in the Fitness, Performance and Rehab space for over fifteen years. He sees himself as a curator of the best information from the most relevant fields in pursuit of what is true and good (or at least “less wrong”). In sum, he serves as a filter through which you can benefit from the large amount of complex and seemingly contradictory information.

Most people who work with Mike have been active throughout their lives and have come to realize that if they want longevity – to remain actively engaged in their physical passions – they need to think differently about their movement. Mike understands movement. He also understands fitness and performance. He knows how and when to divide and conquer and how and when to harmonize. The result is the best possible combination of what you want and need so you can be fully expressed physically.

Training Philosophy: “Simply stated, I help people move better. It’s self evident that how we look, feel and perform is directly related to what we do and how we move (that was a mindful…go ahead and read that again). And, moving better is not just about compensating for your modern sedentary lifestyle with perpetual rehab and/or “exercise”. It’s as much about personal development as it is physical. If you want to change your emotional or mental state, and indeed your self-image, changing the way you perceive and move your body is an incredibly potent strategy.”

Focus: Joint Health, Mobility, Mindful and Strategic Exercise for Longevity, Creating a Movement Practice for Personal Development, Injury Recovery, Pain Management.


Eating Burritos92%
Overthinking Things76%
Changing Diapers3%

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Email : mike@futureproofmovement.com