Colin Simpson

Collin Simpson

Personal Trainer


With an emphasis on rehabilitation/prehabilitation, Collin concentrates on refining movement patterns, improving mobility and joint health, and creating integrated strength that will improve quality of life, athletic performance, and longevity. Having received a degree in Kinesiology, and developed a passion for studying advancements in the field of health and fitness, Collin uses updated techniques and researched concepts to enhance people’s overall movement quality. Since his training is influenced by his interests in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, rock climbing, and hiking, people can expect a unique style of teaching and training with Collin.

Training Philosophy: “With the current state of the healthcare system and the leading causes of death in the U.S. being lifestyle related choices, it is more important now than ever to take your health into your own hands and start making the changes that you need to make. Maintaining and improving the health and functionality of my body and mind are some of the most important things to me because I have seen the consequences of living without taking care of yourself. My goal is to help teach people how to take care of themselves.”

Focus: Mobility, Rehab/Prehab, Coordination, Balance, Life-long Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Foundations, Nutritional Blueprints


Moving Frequently 90%
Hand Balancing65%
Eating just one potato chip50%
Making witty jokes15%

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