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Casey Maass

FRC® Mobility Specialist


Casey came to Colorado from Seattle Washington to enjoy the mountains, Boulder’s love of fitness, health, and kombucha. He savors spending his free time reading (knowledge is power), hiking (of course), and cooking (food is king). His background in working with complete muscle fatigue and time under tension makes him very form-oriented. He works with client’s that have many different physical ailments, be it a fused spine, abdominal separation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or severe Parkinson’s Disease. He is about finding your normal and then helping you strive to surpass it.

Training Philosophy: “I constantly aim to break free of mediocrity by recognizing diet and fitness for what it is; a lifestyle. It isn’t as though one day I get to wake up and say, “I’m healthy enough” or “I know all I need to know”. There is always room for improvement (especially in being healthy). Though it can be a struggle, the rewards always outweigh the investment. Healthy is about never being satisfied with ‘good enough’.”

Focus: Bodyweight, Functional, Mobility, Joint Health, Injury Repair (old and new), Fat Loss, Activity Fitness Support, Nutrition (food!).


Cat Wrangler70%
Wizard Beard Power45%
Being a cloud7%

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