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    Hailing from Detroit, MI after trekking across Southeast Asia to teach yoga and meditation, Abby came to Boulder to blaze her own trail in the health and fitness industry. She holds degrees in psychology and kinesiology and has certifications as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and Holistic Health Coach, and has years of competitive basketball, 3 Boston-qualifying marathon races, and hundreds of yoga flows under her belt. She brings a wholesome approach to her coaching by balancing the yang elements of high-intensity training with the yin elements of breath work, mobility, and meditation. In her training sessions, Abby takes great care to work on tissue mobilization, muscular balance, and functional movements, while also implementing fun tools like the steel mace, kettle bell, and battle ropes to keep movement fresh and fun. Her specialties are advanced athletic training, strength training for beginners, fat loss, and physique formation on the hard-gaining side and movement correction and mobility for those who need to take it slower. Abby’s training will not only help you increase your resting metabolic rate and build a stronger booty, she will also have you feeling like a champion donning proper posture and a winning mindset outside of the gym.

Training Philosophy: “My training fitlosophy, as I like to call it, is to go outside of your comfort zone and challenge self-limiting beliefs each and every day. I choose to not accept self-limiting beliefs, rather to challenge them, by going to the outer fringes of my mental, emotional, spiritual, and of course, physical, capacities on a daily basis. It might not always be comfortable, but such is life. The key is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and therein we stretch our outer limits and raise our homeostatic baseline for greatness. In my personal training as an athlete, I have learned that when the body cannot go any further, we must turn to the mind; and when the mind is at its wits end; we must turn to the heart. The heart has no limits, it boundlessly gives love. Keep tapping into yourself, there is always a way to move forward.”

Focus: Lean and Athletic Physique, Sports Performance, Yoga, Mobility, Intuitive Fueling, Holistic Nutrition


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